Hey! Thanks for stopping by – I’m John Milligan, an independent creative art director and designer in the NY metro area. My design work includes art direction, web and digital work, app and email design, marketing, sales, brand strategy / identity / governance, event / tradeshow branding with a background in photography, typography and illustration. 
I work with a diverse range of forward-thinking individuals and businesses crafting elegant and memorable visual stories driven by custom-tailored brand identities and communications. Telling your story to your customers, highlighting why they should choose you and setting you apart from your competition, all at the same time. Sounds too good to be true right?
Well, you work with me as a creative partner, shoulder-to-shoulder, to outline a strategy and develop shared points of reference to best communicate and package your stories. As a studio of one, I’m comfortable working solo or assembling a team to best serve a project’s needs.
Inspired by art and design histories that range from the classical, retro, timeless to modern, I celebrate design that creates bold, compelling experiences for med-tech, non-profit, startup, and well-established industries and beyond. Designing the future of your brand, together.
Call today and let's chat about that project that needs to get started –973.634.4909