I've started a side gig digitizing 8mm film reels. During the pandemic I've digitized all of my family's reels and they came out great. My brothers and I are planning to surprise our parents at Thanksgiving.
Here you can see some examples of the output quality (yup, I'm the redhead)
I'm local here in Pompton Lakes so there is no need to worry about losing your personal memories or having them damaged while shipping them off to a far away destination. Following all social distancing measures I can safely pick them up from you, digitize them, and bring them right back to your doorstep if needed. Or we can meet anywhere in town, just let me know.
3" reels (50 ft of film) - $15 each
5" reels (200 ft of film) - $40 each
7" reels (400 ft of film) - $70 each
: : Every 11th reel is free : :
Turnaround times depend on how many and what size reels you have. Please reach out below with how many of each size reel you have, a window of dates you'd like the digital files completed by, or call me at 973-634-4909 to discuss what you're looking for.
Thank you!
All digital files will be delivered and stored on a password protected cloud drive so you can download them unless another delivery method is needed. 
Thanks so much​​​
1) Please visually review the condition of your reels before providing them, overly damaged reels will not be accepted
2) All reels will be photographed for record of condition upon receipt
3) Blank or black reels will not be charged and will be labeled clearly as BLANK upon return
4) For brittle or damaged film, we will try to digitize it once. If unsuccessful, we will contact you for approval to try again